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Welcome to Chaotic Minds by Heather. My website is currently under construction. Please be patient with me if some things look incomplete. Also, look forward to any updates that I post as well as new blog post. I love writing short stories, mostly eroticas, and some poems. I also love interactions so if you would like for me to post a discussion topic feel free to email me heatherfrzr96@gmail.com and I will post my opinion on it. Leave comments to discuss the topic further because I would love to see what you guys have to say. I also plan on posting uploads about my natural hair journey (for you natural girls out there). I am excited for everything that is to come so please feel free to tag along on my journey.


Hair Journey

We Don’t go Natural, we return. Natural, is where it began.

Poemsand Short Stories

You don’t start out writing good stuff but you can always edit a bad page.


Discussion Topics

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.


Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon
  • Random thoughts and updates.

    Hi guys! This is where I will start sending any updates on my progress with writing blogs and my natural hair journey as well as what my future thoughts are and what I will be working on next. As of right now, I am obviously currently working on updating my website. My favorite color is pink but that background had to go. I am still currently figuring out how I want my website to look but I think this is a great start. I am also thinking about adding my weight loss journey on here to in the near future. Due to a lot of things going on at work, that will be down the line when I am back to a more steady schedule. Feel free to browse around and leave comments and don’t forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE!! 🙂

    I am also eventually going to start recording and posting on my YouTube dealing with my hair journey and my weight loss journey but I will keep you guys updated with that as well. This website is called ChaoticMinds for a reason. 🙂

  • Writing Coming Soon!!

    17 Jan 2020

    Hey my Chaotics 🤯 !! I haven’t forgotten about the writing. I will be posting soon. Lately, I have been editing and recording my hair journey video for my youtube channel. I am investing in a good quality camera. Expect new writing coming soon!!! Also, I will start posting about my weight loss journey soon for those who are waiting for that. I am currently waiting on some things to happen and as soon as I have everything I need I will let you know! HAPPY READING!!!

  • NEW POEM/Weight Loss Update

    Hey guys! I just posted another poem! Go check it out!!! Just click GHOSTING!! I already have my next poem aligned so stay tuned for “The Things I Couldn’t Say.”

    Also, I just finished editing my first Vlog for my youtube channel about my weight loss journey so be on the look out for that link here as well.

    Thank you for everyones patience and again as always HAPPY READING!


    My video for my weight loss journey will be on youtube today at noon. Just clink here.

    I am now working on editing my vlog hair update and will post it here as well as the hair page.

    I have another poem I will post in the next couple of days. “The things I couldnt say”.

    I also have an idea for another short story that I will begin working on.

    Thank you guys and HAPPY READING!


    Jan 28, 2020

    Hey GUYS!!!

    I just posted my poem “The Things I Couldn’t Say“. Clink the link to go check it out and don’t forget to share my link to your social media. I am working on another short story so stay tuned for that!


  • Winnie’s Missing (Pt 1)

    HEY GUYS!! I just uploaded a new short story! Just click here to check it out! HAPPY READING!!


    I’ve been talking about it and I FINALLY got my hair update video posted! Please go check it out along with my social media. Click here.

  • NEW POEM!!

    I’ve been feeling extremely emotional lately.. So I guess it inspired me to post a poem today too. THREE POST IN ONE DAY!!! Click here to check out Runaway Rainbow. HAPPY READING!!


    Hey GUYS!!

    My sister Diamond just started up her youtube channel called Shining Bright! If you love family vlogs go follow her channel and subscribe. My beautiful nieces and brother will be featured as well. Just click the video and/or this link!


    Finally published the video of how I loss 12lbs in just 3 weeks. Go check it out.



    The visual/audio version of letter is out now in case you don’t like to read. Modifications are on the visual just due to the feeling she got when she recorded it. Go check it out..

Follow my social media for my natural hair journey and updates on my blog that I don’t post on here.

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