Conspiracy Theories/Fandoms

The title explains it all. The discussion topic that has been requested is if I believe in any cartoon or real life conspiracy theories, and if i have any fandoms.

The answer is yes!

Conspiracy Theories

Winnie the Pooh

The theory of Winnie the Pooh is that Christopher Robin has mental health issues (multiple personality disorder) and that all the animal characters are the different elements that express his psyche. Pooh Bear himself has an eating disorder, Piglet has anxiety (which adds to the ADHD of Tigger), Rabbit’s OCD, and Eeyore’s obvious depression. There were two theories that suggested that the Owl was either dyslexic or showing Christopher’s narcissism.

I am a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh. I keep a collection of his bears, so I guess you can say he is a fandom of mine. (I’m not sure I’m using that word correctly in a sentence.) As a child, even a teenage leading into adulthood, I relate to some of these characters. Many people that have known me in school did not know that I did suffer from an eating disorder, however I was the opposite of Pooh. I have anxiety that I have learned to deal with in different ways along with my own insecurities like my buddy Piglet. (And he’s my favorite color.) And Eeyore, shows all the qualities of extreme depression. I feel like people in general go through things that cause depression. I know personally, I hold everything in until it is too much for me. That’s when I withdraw into my own mind and go through my depression faze before I can pull myself out. That is one of the best times for me to right but that is another blog in itself.

Maybe that is why I loved the show so much and the characters so much as a child. Even now. The fact that I can relate so well to some of the characters. The traits are so easy to see and easily believable.


That leads me into the Rugrats conspiracy. This theory states that all the babies are dead and are apart of Angelica’s imagination. It even goes as far as Angelica dying of a drug overdose at 13 in “All Grown Up.”

So, Chaz (Chuckie’s father) is always all over the place because Chuckie died along with his mother during birth in 1986. Tommy was a born a stillborn in 1988. His father Stu was constantly creating toys for Tommy even though he would never get the chance to play with them. It was a way to help him deal with his grief. The twins came from Angelica not knowing whether the DeVilles were having a boy or a girl before their abortion in 1990. Angelica’s biological mother was a prostitute and drug addict who died from an overdose. It is said that Angelica was a crack baby which caused her to have all these hallucinations. Although Angelica idolized her step mom (who married her dad for his money), she always carried her doll that resembled her biological mother Cynthia with the tattered dress and patchy hair.

Take note that in the show, all the babies could talk except one…Dil. This is because Dil wasn’t a figment of Angelica’s imagination. Angelica could never understand why she could not control Dil the way she could the other babies. When she wanted the hallucinations to disappear, they would except Dil. In response, she would hit him which caused Dil to change.

In “All Grown Up”, Dil always wears a hat to cover the physical scars that Angelica had caused. This is said to lead to Angelica’s biological mother’s footsteps in becoming addicted to different drugs. In response, she began the hallucinations all over again and the babies have now aged along with her.

I love this theory because it is so detailed. I never liked the show when I was a child, but after reading this theory it has made me want to watch it from a different point of view. Call me morbid. I’ll take it!

I can relate to Angelica…a little. My biological mother was/is a drug addict as well. Now, I wouldn’t go as far to say I am going to create all these dead babies and beat the crap out of one for not listening to me and become addicted to drugs as well. Hell no! But, it makes me sympathize with her.

The creators of Rugrats have already responded to the theory saying that it isn’t true. But, I still love the theory. What can I say. It makes the show way better for me.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy

I absolutely LOVE Ed, Edd, and Eddy. As stated before, I also have a fascination with dark morbid things, hence why this conspiracy theory has made my list.

This theory is that all of the characters in the show are dead and their stuck in a purgatory. If you don’t know what a purgatory is, Google is your best friend.

Anyway, if you paid any attention to the show you will notice that you can’t determine a specific time period that it takes place. This is because each of the characters are from different eras.

Rolf lived on a farm taking care of his animals. He died from being stampeded by his farm animals in 1903 which is why in the show, he is constantly taking care of his animals.

Johnny died in 1922 from a long battle with tuberculosis. His friend plank comes from him being isolated with no friends. Plank is the last friend he had before losing his battle.

Eddy lived during the Great Depression. Eddy and his mother were abandoned by his father after he was born. He didn’t have a father figure which is what led to the idolization of his big brother despite the abuse. Eddy was known for his scams for money, so when a scam went wrong he jumped into a lake drowning. His love for money followed him into the purgatory.

Ed and Sarah’s father died during WW2 causing the mother to become distant from them. Sarah took on the bossy role in order to be the parent figure for her brother Ed. Ed went into his own world of comic books and movies in order to escape. They both died in a car accident in 1953.

Nazz’s parents were hippies. She was very flirtatious towards the male children in her neighborhood. This trait followed her into the purgatory when she was killed along with her family in 1979 by a serial killer who escaped from a local asylum.

Double D was a smart kid who died from one of his chemistry experiments. He was born in the 80s to very strict parents.

Kevin was a bully whose father was abusive. His mother died when he was a year old. Kevin died in 1999 from the hands of his father during a drunken fit.

Jimmy was diagnosed with leukemia. He spent most of his life bedridden due to his parents feeling like he was too fragile to be around other kids. He eventually died completing the purgatory.

One thing that I didn’t mention was how the idea of the children being dead came about. Usually in death, the tongues no longer remain their healthy pink color. All of the children has colored tongues except the Kankers, who have normal healthy pink tongues. This leads many to believe that they are not dead. They are in fact demons that were sent to the purgatory in order to torment the souls that didn’t cross into heaven.

Unfortunately the creators of the show have stated that this is not true. However, I love this theory. In the introduction of every episode, it shows the place where they live in the sky. In my mind, that’s in between heaven and earth. Either way, the morbidity gives an excitement to me that makes the theory worth while.


Moving along into the next topic…FANDOMS. I am not going to lie, I had no idea what a fandom was so I googled it. Let me tell you, I felt so stupid afterwards…

That’s besides the point.

Chris Brown

I plan on marrying him some day. I’m totally joking, but seriously…

I have been a fan of Chris Brown all of my life. Even through the whole situation with Rihanna. Everybody always makes comments about how I am a fan of a woman beater and that he was going to hit me next and blah blah blah. I think of things this way, everyone makes mistakes. He paid his price. Move on. Not saying he was right. He was dead wrong, but that was years ago. And his mistake does not change the fact that the man is extremely talented. I am in love with his music and movies and ability to entertain. I don’t give a damn about his personal life. That’s just keeping it real…

Vampire Diaries

I am obsessed with show. I think that Elena is disgusting for having been with both brothers but that’s her vagina so she can do what she wants with it. But I don’t know what it is about this show that draws me to it besides the fact that I love vampires. I just hope they come out with more episodes so I can see if Elena is ever going to wake while Bonnie is still alive. I have been seeing a lot of promotion of jewelry inspired by Vampire Diaries, so hopefully that’s a sign. Fingers crossed.


I have thoroughly enjoyed this topic. I can’t wait for the next one!!

Feel free to leave comments about your thoughts and opinions on conspiracy theories that you enjoy and if you have any fandoms. (If I am using that correctly in a sentence).

Until next time,


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