Meeting Daddi(Y)

Nahla waited for her mom to go to sleep before getting up and getting dressed. She put on some high waisted blue jeans so tight they looked painted on with a white crop top with the knot in the middle of her chest showing off her perky breasts. She threw on some flats and grabbed her makeup bag as she headed towards her window. She texted her friend Alana to let her know she was on her way out. Nahla placed her phone in her back pocket and walked towards her window. She snuck out her window with ease since it wasn’t her first time doing so. She went throw the backyard fence and crossed the street getting into Alana’s car.
“Hey girl!” She said excitedly.
Alana, already starting on the first blunt for the night, smiled at Nahla as she handed the blunt to her. Alana drove off as Nahla took her first couple of hits. Nahla passed the blunt back to Alana and started doing her makeup.
Alana parked the car as soon as Nahla finished her makeup. She started rolling up another blunt while Nahla made sure her hair was straight.
“Wanna smoke one more before heading in.” Alana told Nahla. Alana finished rolling the blunt and handed it to Nahla who lit it and started taking the first couple of hits. Nahla laid her had against the seat and closed her eyes as she took the next hit getting horny. She leaned over the seat handing Alana the blunt and started rubbing Alana’s pussy between her jeans. Alana started moaning.

Nahla is a 5’1” 16-year-old with a curvy body and brown melanin skin with brown curly natural hair.

Alana is a 5’4” 22-year-old thick light skin with black kinky hair that she keeps in box braids down to her fat ass.
They met when Nahla was 14. Alana’s little brother went to the same school as Nahla and Alana was picking him up from school. Alana was waiting on her brother and Nahla was waiting on her mom. They are friends who occasionally mess around with each other.

Nahla lifted Alana’s shirt and began rubbing in her nipple. Alana took a hit from the blunt and leaned to kiss Nahla blowing the smoke into her mouth. Nahla and Alana began making out while finishing the blunt in between breaths. Once the blunt was finished they got out of the car and walked into the house that Alana parked in front of. As soon as Alana opened the door, smoke rushed out of the door slapping them in the face. The house was full of people. Some boo’d up on the couch, a couple people playing spades around a table, and some people chilling outside in the back yard. Nahla and Alana walked to the kitchen. Nahla began fixing them a shot of patron while Alana was pouring them a cup of Hennessy. They took the shot, grabbed their cup and walked to the living room to chill on the couch. Music was playing low in the background.
Alana sat down first. Nahla sat down beside her placing her legs across Alana’s lap.
“Wassup Nahla…Alana.” Mariez said to them as he sat next to Nahla with some girl he brought with him sitting on the other side of him.
“Wassup.” Nahla said back.
Mariez sparked up another blunt passing it to Nahla who never refused.
While they began passing the blunt between each other, a group of guys walked into the house. Nahla’s eyes locked with a tall dark skin with a sexy beard and fresh cut. Alana not noticing passed the blunt to Mariez, and grabbed Nahla’s face and began making out with her. Alana began rubbing Nahla’s inner thighs causing Nahla to moan softly. Nahla finished off her cup of Hennessy. Alana stood up finishing her cup, grabbed Nahla’s hand and pulled her to the middle of the living room. ‘When we’ by Tank was playing in the background. Nahla and Alana began grinding on each other. People started getting up joining them in dancing as the slow jams began changing. Nahla felt someone come up behind her and grab her hips. She relaxed into the body and began grinding while Alana started dancing with some other girl that was in front of her. The body leaned their face down into Nahla’s neck. The facial hair made her body tingle. She instantly knew it was the dark skin guy from earlier.
“Sexy ass.” He said into her ear. Nahla closed her eyes and continued grinding until the song ended. She then grabbed the hand that was wrapped around her and walked to the kitchen to fix herself another shot. The dark skin sat in an empty chair watching her.
“Do you want a drink?” Nahla asked him.
“Patron straight.” He said back to her.
She fixed them both a cup of patron and walked over to him. She handed him his cup, placed hers on the table and sat on his lap.
“What’s your name?” She asked him.
“Khyree. You?” He asked her.
“Nahla.” She said as she took a sip of patron.
“How old are you?” He asked her.
“18.” She lied.
“Now we both know you’re not 18.” He said to her.
“How old do you think I am?” She asked him casually drinking on the patron in her cup.
He paused taking a sip from his cup. He put his cup down and looked her dead in her face.
“Well, you have a body of a 19 or 20-year-old. You hold your liquor really good considering I know that your fucked up right now. But I think your younger than 18.” He said to her.
She licked her lips and looked away from him.
“I’m 16.” She said.
“How old do you think I am?” He asked her.
“24…25…” She said as she finished her last sip of patron.
“38.” He said.
Alana walked into the kitchen looking extremely tired.
“Are you ready?” She asked Nahla.
Nahla stood up and grabbed her empty cup to throw into the trash. She didn’t feel Khyree take her phone out her back pocket. He put his number in her phone. Nahla turned around to say goodbye realizing Khyree had her phone handing it to her.
“If you remember me when you sober up in the morning, text me.” He said.


She nodded and followed Alana out the house.

Alana parked the car across the street of the back yard of Nahla’s house.
“Be careful with him.” She said to Nahla.
Nahla looked at her confused.
“He’s dangerous. He’s a big-time drug dealer. Just be careful okay?” She pleaded to Nahla.
Nahla nodded, hugged her goodbye and got out the car. She walked to her house smiling to herself. She threw her bag through her window first before climbing in behind it. Nahla took her clothes off and went into her bathroom to shower. She then laid in the bed and instantly fell asleep.

“Nahla wake up beautiful.”
Nahla woke up to her mother’s voice.
“Why? It’s summer.” She mumbled back to her mother.
“Yea but I have a surprise for you.” She said to Nahla as she turned to walk out the room.
“Get dressed!” She yelled from another room.
Nahla reluctantly got up and prepared for the day.
“Is there a dress code ma?” She yelled from her room.
“No!” She yelled back from another room.
Nahla threw on some jeans with holes in the front and on the back of her thighs with a pink, navy blue, and orange Black Pyramid t shirt. She slipped some flip flops on and headed out her room grabbing her phone on the way out.

Nahla and her mother walked out of the house and got into the car. Nahla’s mom pulled out of their drive way and headed on the road.
“What am I getting a surprise for ma?” She asked her mom.
“I got your report card in the mail.” She stated smiling.
Nahla blushed and put her face into her phone trying to hide from her mother’s smile.
“You kept your straight As and all your teachers had written such wonderful things about you.” She said to Nahla. She pulled into an empty parking lot and shut the car off.
“We have to sit here for a minute.” She said to Nahla as she got out of the car and closed the door leaving Nahla alone in the car.
Nahla looked at her phone and seen a text from Alana. She immediately remembered Kyree and sent him a quick hey text before responding to Alana’s text. Kyree immediately text back.
Oh, so you remembered me?
Nahla smiled to herself and responded to him. Nahla didn’t notice when two 2014 BMWs pulled into the parking lot due to Kyree being a distraction with great conversation and them getting to know each other. She told him that she was turning 17 in a couple of days, what her favorite color was, and what she did in her free time when she wasn’t with Alana. She expressed to Kyree that she has never been with a guy but she has messed around with Alana multiple times but she was too embarrassed to tell him that she was a straight A student.
Nahla’s mother knocked on the window telling her to get out of the car. She opened her door and stuck her phone in her back pocket as she stood up. Nahla walked to her mother who was holding out a set of car keys towards her.
“Surprise!” She shouted at Nahla.
Nahla stood there in confusion.
“Wait. What?” She said to her mother.
“Choose one.” She said to Nahla.
Nahla looked at the two BMWs, one black and one dark olive green. She pointed at the green one.


“Thank you so much ma!” She screamed as she hugged her mom tightly!
“I’m so proud of you Nahla. You’re such a smart beautiful girl that has such a bright future.” She said to Nahla.
“Go ahead and take a drive. Be safe. Just be in the house by 1.” She said as she got back into her car.
“Nahla stood in place as her mom drive off following the other BMW out of the parking lot.

Published by Heather Dodson-Frazier

Hello Readers, My name is Heather. My birthday is in November making me a Scorpio. I am currently serving active duty in the army. I love animals, I love cooking, and I love to write. I fall in love easily, and even if it doesn’t work out I always leave an impact on the person I fell in love for. I see the good in everyone which can be a good and bad thing. I have decided to create this blog to share my thoughts with the world. This blog is named ChaoticMinds because that describes me perfectly. My mind is always all over the place. I am a very emotional being and I express the way I feel through writing. This blog is going to be very personal. I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone, and sharing my ChaoticMind with you guys so that anyone who can relate can see that they are not alone. I would like to mention, that although this blog is going to be personal, please realize that it is writing. Some things will not be real. When I say personal, I love to mix my reality with my mind. The blogs that you will read will have my reality mixed with thoughts that I feel sound good in writing. My thoughts are always all over the place, my sentence structure will not be correct, my grammar will be all wrong, I may use too many commas or have run on sentences. The way my mind works is the way I write. (Although, I do a lot better when I have professional writing that needs to be done.) Most of the blogs that I will post will be relateable. My goal is to allow others that have experienced similar situations in life to realize that there is someone out in this world that understands them. If you plan on allowing children on my blog, please monitor what they read. A lot of things will be sexual and dark. Being that I am a Scorpio, those are two of my main qualities. Feel free to contact me with topics that you would love for me to discuss. I will love for this blog to be interactive. You can ask me any questions that you like, and I promise in return to be as honest as possible. I have recently added a new page about my natural hair and have plans on adding my weight loss journey. This is going to wrapped around a lot of things. Please enjoy and SHARE SHARE SHARE! -Heather

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