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My hair has been through some things. I honestly don’t even know where to start. From what I can remember, I have ALWAYS had braids. When I was younger I use to wear the little pigtails with bows like any other little girl. Then I moved in with my cousin and she got tired of my natural hair so she decided to get it relaxed. I was around 4 or 5 when I got my first relaxer. I remember being so young and seeing my hair go past my shoulders…and yet thats where it always seemed to stay. It never grew past my shoulders. And then I moved again with some other people and they didn’t know how to take care of my hair so random people would braid it. Ive had so many hair horror stories that I can’t even count. I know my edges have fallen out, my hair has broken off, and yet I was blessed enough for my hair to continue to grow. When I moved with my mom, she helped take care of my hair but it still wasn’t as healthy as it could have been. And even after I graduated, it wasn’t healthy. It wasn’t until I left on my own that I started having to figure out what to do with my hair…and because I was use to other people doing it for me, and sometimes ruining it for me I had to learn on my own. So my go to was braids because that was all that I knew. I found some decent African braiding stylist where I had lived at, but when I decided to cut my hair off…it was because of a great friend. I had seen how healthy her hair was and she convinced me to do the same. I thought she was going to be with me through the entire process, but she ended up having to move and I was stuck again trying to figure it out on my own. Naturally, I went back to braids. I never took great care of my hair, but now I am determined because I love all hair. So, follow me on my Natural Hair journey, and lets see how healthy my hair can become.

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    14 Jan 2020

    This is where I will be posting updates and videos. Every time I post on my YouTube (when I start) I will link the videos here.


    16 Jan 2020

    You guys…I went to target last night and bought a few items. The ECO Styler gel I have used on my hair multiple times. ESPECIALLY for my puff balls. It doesn’t slick my hair down completely but it gets the job done. It also frizzes pretty easily. But that was also when my hair was a lot more kinkier than it is now. I don’t know how it will do with my current texture which is more like a looser coil. As far as the other things, I will be reviewing them shortly on my YouTube channel. I have tried two of the three thing so far…want to know the results? Stay tuned lol!

    Also, I did get everything from target and spent a total of 32.88. Just so you guys are aware, if products that you get from Target do not work for your hair you can take them back with the receipts. Based off of my review, if I don’t like them, I will be taking them back and using the money towards trying new products. 🙂 Happy Reading my natural beauties!!


    17 Jan 2020

    Hey Guys! I just posted my first youtube post on my youtube channel. Go check it out and see how for the most part I wash my hair!! Also, learn what is going to be on my channel. Just click the picture to the left 😊 !!! Don’t forget to follow my social media to keep updated. Feel free to send me topics that you will like me to post about! HAPPY READING!!


    7 February 2020

    I finally posted my hair update. I am so sorry it took so long its been a busy week and Ive been working on short stories and poems as well. Please go check it out!!!

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