Everyone needs someone to have that mutual attraction with, And I honestly don’t know where to start, And I wish it was me, That stayed forever in your heart

A short Poem about abuse


Each time I feel you its brand new. I prepare myself to constantly feel the hurt. It’s not like I don’t know what you feel like. But somehow this time around, just like every other time, it’s as if I’ve never experienced you.

A conversation to Rejection

Gift From God

Someone once tried to convince me that I was a good woman. You know, completely innocent to all my surroundings and all of the demons hidden within it. That I was someone light and my loving heart. And pureness was a gift that was meant to be given to the man that God placed into my life. That me, myself was a gift from God himself and any man would be blessed to have me.

Womans pureness..


Imagine looking at the color drain from your face. And imagine random disgusting hands inclosing around your neck squeezing. Imagine watching your eyes open hastily trying to catch your breath.


The Things I Couldn’t Say

But, how do I tell a gay girl that I may secretly be gay. But not gay in a way that I’m attracted to every girl that seems to walk my way. That I could sit in silence or watch the same Netflix movies over and over again on replay. That I want her to teach me everything there is to know about her so I can reciprocate.

A Poem About My Crush

Runaway Rainbow

I miss floating on clouds and closing my eyes at night fantasizing and longing for more… The strong gust of wind tore you away from me. I want my rainbow back…

Getting my feelings off my chest…

My Rainbow is Black and Gray

My rainbow colors are filled with different shades of black and gray. Like them old time movies before colored television was a thing…

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