Requested Topics

Military Relationships

Personally, there are times when I say that I would never date a guy that is in the military again only because of the guys that I attract. (Which I understand that a lot falls on me as well…) I feel like dating someone who has been in the military but is not currently in would be easier only because they have dealt with the same stuff and understand exactly what I am going.

Where Were These People

I joined the army out of fear of going to school because of a lot of things that I have been through as a young child. I am the first to admit that I am scarred from not only my child hood, but the things that has happened which reminds me of my childhood.People are so quick to judge me, so quick to call me mean or selfish, but where are the same people when I am the first person to give my last even when I’m struggling?

Conspiracy Theories/Fandoms

The title explains it all. The discussion topic that has been requested is if I believe in any cartoon or real life conspiracy theories, and if i have any fandoms. The answer is yes!

Lost Child

My best friend set me up with the topic of finding yourself and establishing who you are in a situation where you didn’t have your biological parents to help you identify with who you are and the process. This is going to be a bit personal to give you the rawest answer that I can while still trying not to offend specific people since other families and people are involved as well. I am going to offend so many people if they read this… At the end of the day, this is from my point of view and how I felt when growing up. Not many people actually know exactly how I felt back then or even now about many things.

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