Short Stories

Meeting Daddi(Y)

“How old do you think I am?” She asked him casually drinking on the patron in her cup. He paused taking a sip from his cup. He put his cup down and looked her dead in her face. “Well, you have a body of a 19 or 20-year-old. You hold your liquor really good considering I know that your fucked up right now. But I think your younger than 18.” He said to her. She licked her lips and looked away from him. “I’m 16.” She said. “How old do you think I am?” He asked her.  “24…25…” She said as she finished her last sip of patron. “38.” He said. 

First story to the Daddi(y) Series


“I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN YEARS! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?” Alana and I ran to the door to see that Kyree was standing outside his car with a blunt in his mouth. “Mom… I-I can…”I tried to explain before my mom cut me off. “Nahla. Meet your deadbeat ass father.” She stated angrily. Alana and I immediately looked at each other in shock and that’s when I realized that I’ve made the biggest mistake in my life. “Hey baby girl.” He stated with a slick smile. I looked at him with tears immediately streaming from my eyes. I’m pregnant by my dad.

Second story to the Daddi(Y) series.

Deeper Than Words

So here we are. In my tub with me straddling him, face to face. I began taking the bubbles and rubbing over his chest not looking at him while he’s looking me in my face. Adidas grabbed my chin causing me to look him directly into his deep hazel eyes. He kissed me. He gave me slow soft kisses while sucking on my lips. This drove my already frustrated body over the edge. He began rubbing up and down my back with one hand and firmly holding the back of my neck with the other. I could feel his dick growing in between my legs. The water and his dick periodically hitting my already sensitive pussy created a longing. I began grinding on him in attempt to ease the tension that has built up. 

Sexy Short Erotica

Blacked Eye with a Broken Jaw

Before I knew, Kese quickly released one hand from around my throat while following a punch directly in my left eye. He hit me so hard my head bounced off the wall and I fell to the ground. Everything around me quickly blurred and my head was pounding with an immediate headache. The headache took away whatever pain I would’ve felt from getting punched. I had no time to react. Kese began kicking me over and over again. At some point he kicked me in the other eye. Everything was dark. I felt a mixture of kicks and fist. Luckily, I couldn’t feel any pain while he was hitting me.

Short Story on an abusive relationship.

Scorpio’s Intuition- It Took One Look

Some would say that when it comes to love, I was a mastermind. My being a Scorpio gave me that advantage, and somehow, I had perfected my gift. Not just in my love life, I could read the chemistry between two people if one of them are close to me. It could be something that others would consider to be hidden, and with my bluntness, I would bring it to the light. I learned the craft of getting whatever information that I wanted out of anyone. I became an expert at combining the emotions that are shown with what is being said and body language to know what someone is really feeling.

First story to Scorpio’s Intuition series.

Scorpio’s Intuition- The Mission

Sometimes I do have a conscience. Sometimes I feel bad about the things that I am doing. I honestly don’t do a lot to feel bad about. I am not a selfish person. I never ask anyone for anything and I always do for others which is a blessing and a curse. This is the one time that I really want something. Why shouldn’t I be able to have it?

Second Story to Scorpio’s Intuition Series.

Winnie’s Missing (Pt 1)

I held back the tears that were starting to form. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve never done any type of drug. Mike was laughing and talking with his friends but over time I couldn’t hear him anymore. I wasn’t even in the same room. I was watching different colors all around me. I felt my anxiety starting. I tried to reason with myself that I wasn’t real. The weird things I was seeing wasn’t real. In reality, Mike and his friends were laughing at me.

Someones missing….
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